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Mandi Browning - Nov 13, 2013
Best place to ever take your best friend! Foxy is my 12 year old chow chow who I found at the shelter 10 years ago! She sadly was dumped 4 times and was going to be put down. She had all kinds of testing and was never mean. The only reason she was going to be put down was because she was hyper and not trained at all. I knew this was so wrong! I said don't put her down I will put the work needed into her! Well that was the best thing I have ever done! I have cystic fibrosis and the dog adjusted to all my oxygen tanks and noise from different machines, I noticed that she was a lot calmer around just me. She trained quick and loves life. Last year I found this thing growing on her back leg and the team took it off, and thank God it was just a not cancer! Then again this morning I had to take her in because I felt growths on her Chet and tummy. I called at 9 and was in the office by 11:15! Thank god again these were only fat summers and the team and Dr.Force put my mind at ease! Now foxy is lying next to me on my bed taking up most of it but if she is happy then I'm just as happy! Thank all of you so much from the bottom of my heart for your love and time to care for my best friend in this world and the next too! Mandi browning and foxy too :)

Karen Requa - Oct 28, 2013

I cannot thank you all enough for the kind and caring treatment you gave my 18 year old cat, Misty, especially in her final days.  And the fact that you all recognized her as the sweet cat that she was is so comforting.  Thank you again for all you did for Misty these past few years -- she had a great run,
Thanks to you -- you guys are the best!!

Idamay Hornberger - Sept 25, 2013
Thank you for your services! I have been a client since our fire in 2009. Dr.Force saved my service dog Doyle! He detected a silent underlying condition. Since beginning a very cheap treatment my Doyle is able to work and compete and isn't barfing daily!! We can go out to dinner,movies,and resume our normal life!!!!
Thank you!!!

Craig Preston - July 27, 2013
I have a 10 year old min-pin named Ricci. For the past 10 years I have used another vet, but so glad I now entrust Ricci to Dr. Force who is caring, Very informative and takes the time to walk you through everything. Dr. Force and his staff are the best!
Sincerely Craig Preston

Patricia Keating - June 12, 2013
Need a great vet in new jersey? Go to Dr. Force in Forked River on rt. 9. peewee is doing great under his care as well as all my other furry family members. The staff is also award winning. Thanks for all you wonderful work, love and caring for Gods little angels. God bless all of you!!!!
Regards Pat Keating

Mr. & Mrs. Margiotta - April 19, 2013
Dr. Force,
We wanted to officially thank you so much for saving our great Dane's life who contracted parvo. You and your attentive loving staff nursed her back to health. You instantly knew what she was suffering from. You were compassionate, caring, and kept us informed of her progress. You are truly a kind hearted doctor. We are so happy we found your hospital. Your prices are fair and you always have the pets best interest in mind. Also thank you for treating our English bulldog with that horrid rash. Your treatment cured him within a week.
Forever grateful,
Mr. & Mrs. Margiotta

Joan Donahue- Tuesday, July 24, 2012
One of my favorite Bible scriptures is Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead. It taught me that when everyone else had given up, one person said there was a way. Our dog Sage was sent home by a large veterinary hospital to spend his last hours with us. Dr. Force said bring him in. Dr. Force found what the hospital missed. The hospital said Dr. Force was right. Sage had another operation and he is alive and very well. When everyone else gave up, Dr Force said, Sage come forth, and he did. Now when I look at this beautiful dog, so full of new life, I sometimes have to say out loud, "Sage The Force Was With You".

Sherry Sheppard - Friday, July 15, 2011
Thank you so very much for helping my family this morning. We had to make a very tough decision to put our beautiful 13 1/2 yr old Siberian Husky, Gus, to sleep. Even though we had never taken Gus to see Dr. Force before, he and his staff were gracious and very helpful in making sure he was comfortable. I know our Gussie boy is in a better place now, and I thank Dr. Force and his staff for helping him get there peacefully.
Sincerely, Sherry Sheppard

The Piedmonts - Tuesday, May 03, 2011
After owning Barnegat kennels for 17 years and recently selling the property we have never seen or met such a good doctor. Walter and I would recommend Dr. Force over any vet in the area. Our own personal dog has been going there since he opened and we being in the animal business saw someone who really cared for animals first. Please any of our customers do not hesitate he is the vet to go to his prices are very fair and he takes the time as we did to go over your needs and take the proper care for your pet. His staff can't be beat they are nice and truly caring.
The Piedmonts,
former owners of Barnegat kennels.

Nancy Murray-Hogrefe - Friday, February 25, 2011
Dr. Force and staff-- Thanks so much for speaking with me the other day. Morgan has been agitated at night-- panting and pacing most of the night. We discussed trying a smaller dose of the Prozac. For two nights now, he's been getting 5mg at bedtime. BINGO! We are all sleeping like babies. You really are the best!
Thanks so much!!
Nancy Murray-Hogrefe

Karen Requa - Wednesday, February 23, 2011
There are not too many people I know who would find a way to continue to work even when they were told they should stay off a broken foot for 6 weeks, but Dr Force is definitely one of them! I recently had to bring my elderly cat, Misty, in for her yearly checkup, and I expected to see a substitute vet in Dr Force’s place, but was pleasantly surprised to see he was still working – getting around using a small bicycle to support his leg! In spite of his unfortunate injury, Dr. Force continues to be completely dedicated to the care of his patients and his work.  Although I had some concerns about some health issues Misty had, Dr. Force immediately knew what we had to do to address them, and put my mind right at ease. His technician, Jen, was wonderful with Misty, who is normally a real “scaredy-cat”. You could tell just by the way Jen handled Misty that she also has a true love of animals, and loves her work.
I am so happy to know that my pets have a top-notch doc and staff – thank you everyone at FRAH!
Karen Requa  

The Markowitz Family - Tuesday, August 03, 2010
Our family is extremely grateful to Dr. Don Force and his staff for making the trip to our home which was well out of his way to take our beloved Madison home to rest. We thank him for the reassurance that the decision we made was the only one remaining for our girl. We would highly recommend his services to anyone in need of a compassionate and caring veterinarian, fortunately we were recommended to him by someone who recognized his dedication and love of his profession, Dr. Force exceeded our expectations by fulfilling our eleventh hour request to have Madison leave this world surrounded by those who loved her most, including her son Butch, her baby boy. All our heartfelt thanks,
The Markowitz Family

Stephen Bayer - Wednesday, June 23, 2010
My old mastiff dog Bubba was lying in the bathtub ALL day. Our Vet wasn't sure what was wrong with him so we took him to Dr. Force. I was sure he would say it was bad news. Instead Dr Force figured out Bubbas issues in a few minutes. Now he is enjoying life again on medication for his thyroid. Also had my grandmothers poodle who had been to 3 vets for a weird facial cut that wouldn't heal. Dr Force found the problem and operated on her bad tooth and she is doing great now. Bubba never liked a Vet before Dr Force and he has met many! Thanks to Dr Force for a quick diagnosis and helping the big old guy and small dog who no one could figure out.

Karen - Thursday, February 18, 2010
I brought my 14 year old cat Misty to FRAH last week. The staff were very friendly, and treated Misty like she was the special cat she is. Dr Force even pointed out that I was giving Misty an expensive medication that she didn't need, and he suggested an economical alternative. But what I found most amazing was that usually Misty sulks and snubs me after I have taken her to the vet - but after her visit with Dr Force and his staff, she actually seemed very happy and stress free! I would recommend FRAH to everyone I know - and thank you to Dr Force and his staff for taking good care of Misty!

weddingwacko710 - Monday, January 25, 2010
Since my first bulldog a few years ago, I have been looking for a vet that was close to home. I was always going so far away, even up to Staten Island just so I could find someone who knew about the health issues of bulldogs and how to fix them. When I adopted Lucy, my rescued bulldog, her previous owner told us that she was deaf in her one ear and that she would have to have medications in her ears every 3 days. I gave her the meds ritually, but I just didn't understand why. She didn't seem to have any hearing loss and her ears were consistently soggy. :-( Well, as my dog is an avid soccer player, I noticed that the more she played with her ball, the redder her eyes got. So I decided to take a chance on Dr. Force as I didn't want to have to take Lucy's favorite toy away. He discovered immediately that she had chronic dry eye, but was also kind enough to take the time and check her ears for me after I told him about her habits and what was originally thought to be deafness was nothing of the sort, plus she was on the WRONG meds the whole time!!! If it weren't for Dr. Force, my little Lulu would still be sloshing around with dry red eyes and miserable! Since we changed her medicines and their regimen, she has been so much livelier and more loving, and doesn't run away from getting her meds anymore! You would think that she were a puppy! Thank you Dr. Force so much for your help with her and I will be passing your information on not only to friends and family, but also to the Mid Atlantic Bulldog Rescue where I volunteer and adopted Lucy from!
Thanks again!

Anissa and Louie - Saturday, January 23, 2010
I can sum up Dr. Force and the Forked River Animal Hospital Staff in very few words. THE BEST IN OCEAN COUNTY!!!!  Service, Care and Understanding. If you want the very best in pet care then this is the place you've been looking for.
Big Hugs to all of you from Anissa and Louie